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House Washing



When it comes to hiring a professional to wash your homes exterior, make sure they’re using low pressure when doing so. In the past, many contractors will use high pressure when cleaning your home which can cause issues like blowing window seals and leaking under windows and doors.

So Clean offers a low pressure washing process that is much safer when cleaning your homes exterior. Not only is this process much safer, it also cleans much better than the traditional pressure washing method and lasts much longer!

We understand that your home is the most important investment that you have and we treat every home as we’re washing our own. We have specialized formulated detergents to effectively clean and disinfect your home. We clean all types of different exterior surfaces on your home such as vinyl, cedar shake, aluminum and more.

We offer:


  • Vinyl Cleaning
  • Aluminum Cleaning
  • Wood Cleaning
  • Rust Removal
  • Gutter Restoration – Whitening Service
  • Awning Cleaning & More

When it comes to hiring someone to properly clean your home, call So Clean today!  864-915-0159


Frequently Asked Questions

What is softwashing?

Softwashing is the process of using low type pressure to clean a surface vs using the older method of using high pressure. This low pressure method is gentle and it's equivalent to a garden hose type pressure. This method is our go to on washing exteriors of homes and buildings without causing damage from high pressure. This method also cleans much better and it lasts much longer. 

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major forms of payment: Cash, Check, Debit and Credit

Does anyone need to be on site for you to do the job?

As long as we have an open source for water and all gates/doors unlocked for us to complete the project, we do not need to have anyone on site to complete the job. If you won't be available for the schedule cleaning date, please let us know so we can inform you on what all we need.